Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I cross the line today:

Standing in line for school books with one of our members who really didn't want to stand in line and wait.  I cross the line and became that MOTHER who was making her son get in line until you die getting those books because you need to get your homework done!!!!

 Suddenly I jumped the line from helper and assistant to BOSSY MOMMY FACE!  I was thrown back dealing with my own 16 year old boys that would roll their eyes when they didn't want to do anything to help themselves !!!!

I crossed the line--- Lost my patience and I keep asking myself How does my love for this kid turn into a frustrated missionary?

There must have been something in the air because we all seem to be dealing nervously about the changes.  Summer ending, school starting, we just started our English courses again, we also have more missionaries and movement at the church.

Change is good but also it is hard to have the energy to get going.

Our Pogradec really had a nice summer.  Lots of sun and play and freedom
I am having a hard time with the changes --Our young adults and youth must surely be feeling the tug-of-war of emotions that come with change of schools, change of teachers, life changes, the unknown future.

Where can we turn for PEACE?

Ask for Forgiveness, Love Others and ourselves as Christ would Love,--- Choose to be Grateful.
 This brings Peace and Happiness.

Today in English class we learned of a young man who was selfless.  His selfless behavior made him a hero to others.
Today we also learned that it takes effort  and action to behave selflessly.  Some may ask why must I always be selfless when others are not?

The answer is:  Because Greater Wisdom and Understanding come from selfless behavior and forgiveness.
In the end...... That which is of greater worth belongs to those with great Patience.

Can I just thank my children today who are ever forgiving of their BOSSY FACE MOTHER and who rarely if ever fought or raised their voices.  

I think the most heartbreaking times here have been when my loved ones in our branch are angry with each other.  They can be mad at the world, with work, with school,   but when they raise their voices in anger to each other..... It wounds me!  I become heartbroken.  

God has given me a heart that can forgive..... for this I am deeply grateful
I want this for everyone!  

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