Friday, August 11, 2017

Have you eaten your "Mana" before it Softens and goes bad??

There is a green grape/plum like fruit that comes off the tree.  We watched as the owner was only picking the fruit for just the night meal.  We talked about about what a unique fruit it was and how we enjoyed eating this green plum grape shape fruit that was surprisingly sweet.

They told the elders that you have to pick it every day that within the day it turns bad.  Wow ok we will make sure to eat it within a few hours.   "What is the name of this fruit?"  Oh, it's name is an ancient name..... "Manna"................  We smiled and said....... "we will eat just a little bit everyday"......
Thanked them, Said good night to them and good bye to them in about 4 different ways as is custom. Then, ate our blessed "Mana" before the time period was up.

Reading Scriptures has definitely become our "Manna" during this mission.  A day without it and our spirits go soft and then turn negative.    Manna will always be a literal, physical fruit of the spirit forever more.

There are those here who are living just day to day not really knowing where the next job or payment will be sometimes and quite often relying on family members to help them.  They somehow have the mental  block that working for a little is better than not working at all. Some here feel helpless so they do nothing!   We try and try to help them have the blessings of paying a tithe.  The one commandment that you can fulfill perfectly and has a given promise for the Lord..... They have never experienced that blessing so they cannot see or trust..... Oh how we want them to see it work in their lives and given them Godly Power beyond their own.  How do we teach this....Yes it is hard, but they need only to test it and see for themselves.....

For me paying Tithing is such a privilege because I am so very aware that "IT IS ALL HIS ANYWAY!"

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