Thursday, August 3, 2017

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This past few weeks I have spoken to at least 5 PEOPLE who have gone to the United States or Germany to pursue what they thought would be the dream of their lives.  They would get jobs and get lots of money and be happier!

Some of the first things they found is that people afar are much different!  That school and work was very hard .   That once they became aware of how much everything cost:  Insurance, living expenses and especially food that all their hard work didn't go as far as they thought.  Also, they were STARVING once again with the INCOME of their dreams because....... NOW THEY WANTED EVEN MORE!  Cars, cell phones, expensive shoes and clothing.

Moreover,  the temptation to do something illegal became ever and increasing enticing.  Why, because there just are not that many RULES in Albania as there are in the States or Germany.   Every time they got ahead there was a ticket to pay or a cost for doing it "the Albanian" way.
One of the men I talked to got kicked out of Germany never able to return because he just could not conform within the laws.  They just didn't make sense to him.

Often I have talked about this with my English class as they would say "take me with you back to America".  I always respond...." be careful what you wish for."... What truly is  most important and precious to you?  Money or Family?  They always agree that it is family .  To leave is to leave your family and all the celebrations, the dinners, the jokes and the comfort of living and loving family brings IS HAPPINESS!
To speak a foreign language is really fun and exciting!  However,  when you are sick or scared it is so comforting to have someone speak and take care of you in your native language.
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Those who leave often come back tattooed and with morals that are not becoming.  So is that better?  I do not think so.

These people in Pogradec are very sweet and  always kind.  They are gracious and willing to help others. This beautiful town has fresh food, beautiful flowers growing everywhere, plenty of places to stop and have a cold soda with a friend.   Also living in a small town anywhere in the world, you get to know and love your Bread man, or the lady that sews up your husbands pants, or the family that you get your copies printed. The man that you buy your fruits and vegetables knows you by name.   You love them and they are happy to see you.  There is a friendship that exists.  In bigger cities there is not that camaraderie.
The people I talked to also mentioned that going away from home has created a more selfish attitude. They look at their home as if they are above it-- more special.  They have become well, how should I say it, RUDE and Arrogant  toward their own family and friends.

Are they changed?  Yes... For the better?..... I do not think so.

Everyday someone here tells me.. Oh I have a son or a daughter or an uncle in the United States, England or Germany--I say, Oh are they happier?  They respond, "Oh, they have lots of money, or they live in a Palace,  but then I say to them, "Are they happier?"
  Usually the response is ..... They miss their family or they came to visit and cried when they had to leave.


Family, Church, Friends, and confidence that .... you are right with God is HAPPINESS AND LOVE.

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