Saturday, August 5, 2017

Combined Seminary in Korce!

We love our Seminary Students!  We are studying the book of Mormon, getting ready for FSY and having a combined TREASURE HUNT together!  Pizza and Watermelon the staples of life around here.  Those are our Elder Samuel Carr and Farnworth in the background.  Elder Sami goes to home to England in a few weeks.... we will really miss him!!! 

Frenki, Manol, Costa, Alexa, Linda Rei me and Rea.


Saimir, Manol, Costa, Linda, Alexa

Check out the boat on the beach. first motorboat I've seen,  but the trailer is submerged in the lake still.  Sure would like to know the whole story on the boat.  Did they try to pull the trailer without an automobile?  Whatever, it happened in the night.  next day there was a boat on the beach.

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