Saturday, August 5, 2017

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I had just about all the PIZZA  I can eat for awhile.   Lorin wanted to eat out and I like to just cook for us in (basically not pizza or sulfate.. again).... And I have had some intestinal trouble here since February when we ate the goat brain soup...

So enough with the pizza.  I had Lorin take us to a nicer white linen cloth restaurant that didn’t have Pizza on the menu.

Here it is:  Never complain because--- maybe just maybe pizza is a better idea:
What would you choose?  Bon Appetite!  YUMMY!  You can also get goat brains if you order in advance!  Keep that on you memory for you next meal!
I think Lorin was going for the veal entail glands. Let’s just say, I ordered greasy rice and a greek salad AGAIN!

When we eat in other cities the food is SOOOO GOOD!!!!  But here—they have a funky kind of Greasy menu going.
Lorin had a good laugh by my choice of a better restaurant! The Stuffed spleen was tempting!


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