Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Peace on the Plazh

Our last Sacrament Meeting was a beautiful experience.  There was a spirit of peace and learning that I was so very happy to be apart of it all.
Sadly not all our members were there and I wished they could have been. We shared together a bond that spoke "We are here together to Pray together, to uplift and support one another, and to be at peace because we know that God is watching us.  We feel protected by our obedience and allow ourselves to trust in Christ's Atonement.  He has already Paid our entrance.  If we will accept His gift and simply obey his commandments, pray to him, read his map of instructions we can return home.
He asks us all to be fishers of men.... To simply share what we know with others.
The Plan of Salvation is something that when taught--- People will recognize like they always knew it , they just hadn't heard it.
This week we truly had Peace on the Plazh.....

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